Monday, 10 September 2012

Maison Ikkoku. A safe haven.

I'm back again. This time cos I happened to chance upon one of the cafes I've been eyeing on for quite some time. Walking along Iskhandar road w Thboy & his friend, we were in search of a place to chill before the day ended. Suddenly my eyes lit up and I went "Maison Ikkoku!" and the girl outside the cafe stared at me like they served the best food in Singapore. Oh well, free advertisement.

A cozy cafe that is just about as spacious as a 4 room HDB flat located along Iskhandar Road, the aroma of coffee filled the air as we entered. There were few people, probably about a handful of 4-5 customers minding their own business or chatting with their friends. 

So I decided for this:

Chicken on wholewheat bread with a side of arugula and toasted almonds, (+/-) $14

Since MI's mostly known for their breakfast sets, I didn't pin my hopes on this. But wow did it surprise me. The chicken was bursting with flavour. A tad bit of moroccan spice coupled with the tenderness of the chicken and arugula atop wholewheat bread, this was a dish pretty much worth forking out an exorbitant amount for. The salad was evenly dressed, with balsamic vinegarette adding a tinge of sourness to it.

Red Velvet Cake, $7

And cos I wasn't full, I bugged them to get the red velvet cake too. We had a hard time deciding between the carrot cake or this but we decided on the latter cos the other table was having it too (And very slowly which now makes me wonder why people take their time eating sth so good so slowly)

Moist, rich and loaded with butter. This is how I would describe it. But it's in no way bad. In fact, I really enjoyed this. Topped with walnuts, I could've eaten the whole slice myself. The batter was light and fluffy and the frosting was the least bit heavy. Something, yet again, I'd gladly pay for.

So if you're ever along Haji Lane and dying to rest those weary legs with a nice cuppa coffee, head to MI. I assure you your legs will thank you for i

Maison Ikkoku
20 Kandahar Street, Ground Floor Heritage Centre, Singapore
Tel: +65 6294 0078

Opening Hours
Mon–Thu: 9am – 9pm
Fri–Sat: 9am – 11pm
Sun: 9am – 7pm

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