Friday, 28 September 2012

Kith Cafe - Another Day, Another Place.

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For whoever's reading out there, you guys must be wondering why I've been going to cafes alone lately. Simple. I enjoy being a lone wolf, and at this point of time in my life I actually prefer being in the comfort of my own thoughts rather than making small talk with people. I love my friends to death, but I've been feeling the need to retreat in my own shell for a bit.

So as Maroon 5 continues playing in the background of my iTunes, let me start how I feel about where I am right now- Kith Cafe at Park Mall.

A pretty small cafe packed with a decent number of chairs, it's a pretty good place for people-watching or sipping a cup of tea and indulging in a good book or getting some work done (For those people who simply cannot get anything done at home except sleeping)

It was around 3pm when I arrived, so the breakfast menu was closed sadly. Decided to go for a grilled chicken sandwich and a iced honey milk latte. Mmmhmm.

The staff were pretty friendly too. A young, energetic bunch, they're always on their feet with a smile on their face. Good service = moneys' worth. And within 10 minutes my order arrived! Oh did I mention, they have wifi here? Fantastic for people like me who need to use their laptops to get some work done.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich ($12)
Grilled chicken, portobello mushroom, parmesan cheese atop toasted bread with a side of chips

I'm no fan of chips, but I actually finished the 7-8 pieces that was on my plate. I'm not really sure if they were baked by Kith Cafe themselves but it was worth me gobbling down the whole lot. The mushrooms were sautéed to perfection, and the grated parmesan cheese added a nice touch to the simple albeit yummy meal. I have, however, had better sandwiches. So you might want to try something else like the pasta (Which my next door neighbors are having) when you come here. P/s: They're actually squealing in delight whilst looking at the pasta so...


Iced Honey Milk Latte ($6.50)

Although the honey wasn't stirred properly and kind of coagulated to the bottom, it's an extremely refreshing perk-me-up on a hot day like today. Definitely recommend this for the dehydrated and those who like a tinge of sweet in their drinks.


Like I said, cafes have been a new favorite hangout of mine. Even though half the time my mind drifts into how wonderful the ambience of a place is, I know I can't daydream forever and that projects await me.

Kith Cafe
9 Penang Road, #01-01E Park Mall
6338 8611

Opening Hours
Daily: 8am – 10pm

7 Rodyk Street, #01-33
Watermark @ Robertson Quay
6341 9407

Opening Hours
Daily: 7am – 7pm

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