Sunday, 6 January 2013

Gordon Grill

To mark the 1st year, J brought me to a place I've never heard of: Gordon Grill. Known for its steaks, I was pretty excited when we entered albeit the very posh setting. I honestly felt quite out of place at first cos we were surrounded by tai tais and a mother and daughter duo having a lovely lunch at a pretty hefty price.

The interior was clean and posh. The chairs made the entire place a little backdated but the artworks displayed and lighting helped with the contemporary feel of it.

We were offered complimentary bread to start off. Our favourite was the one on the extreme right: Soft, fluffy, flavourful and decently filled with chia seeds (If I'm not wrong)

The cutest thing about us was that even though we knew Gordon Grill's known for its steaks, we still decided to go with the set lunch cos it was more affordable and well, we did like variety. A 4 course meal for $60 is pretty good no?

From left to right:
Pan-roasted duck foie gras: with white balsamic sorbet and caramel glaze, Angel Hair Pasta and Baked hokkaido scallops : in bacon-truffle bouillon and ‘boudin noir’

The appetizers came about 7 mins after ordering, with excellent service provided. The pan roasted duck foie gras had a very interesting texture. The duck was fat and cooked just nice, I couldn't place what the green thing was but I (believe) it was the foie gras which complemented the duck very nicely. The caramelized pear was an excellent addition too.

The angel hair pasta was a little disappointing though. Pasta was a little overdone and even though it wasn't bad it wasn't spectacular either.

The hokkaido scallop was good! The bacon truffle bouillon was a perfect match and the scallop very well done.

Next up was the trio of soup:)

From left to right:
Poultry consommé, wild fresh mushroom and lobster bisque

When these were being brought to the table I was wondering what they were since they were so small. Presented very neatly, the poultry consomme consisted of clear chicken broth with balls of carrot, wintermelon and parsley sprinkled over. Wasn't my kinda thing though.

The wild fresh mushroom was fresh. However I think it was a little too posh for my taste. It's unlike many of the mushroom soups I've had, and not to my palette. However do give it a try!

The lobster bisque was interesting. A very strong flavour, I've had better ones (@ Balzac) but this would still be alright if you like Lobster Bisque.

Fish of The Day accompanied with risotto

I forgot the actual name of the main course :( But I had asked the waiter what the fish of the day was and it appealed to me. The combination of the sauce, risotto and fish was fantastic, leaving me wanting more. Portion wise was good for one too.

J had lamb chops! Tender, succulent and juicy, it's something you would want to order when you're there. Might be a little small for guys though :p

My favourite part... Dessert!

Once again...  forgot the name of the desserts. However I can safely say I love the one on the left! A very soft chocolate cake infused with rasberry and accompanied with cocoa powder and fruits.

The apple crumble was one of the better ones.

So if you're ever looking for a place with a good ambience, lovely service and good food, head to Gordon Grill. Next time I'm going it's definitely for the steaks:)

Gordon Grill
2 Scotts Road GF Goodwood Park Hotel Tel: 66816677
Daily: 12:00 - 14:30
19:00 - 22:30

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