Thursday, 20 September 2012

French Toasts for the Rejuvenating Soul.

I woke up yesterday feeling a little down. So I decided to cheer myself up and headed over to my treasure box of a fridge and started rummaging through what I could whip up in a jiffy and came up with.. French Toasts! Good old french toast. The first time I had them was when I was 6 and being fed the best french toasts in the world - My maid's creation. Up till today I've no idea what she did to have made the outer crust of the bread so delightfully crispy and the inside: moist, soft and very unsuitable for diabetics. 

Sadly I'm still unable to recreate my childhood favorite but I did manage to whip up a good breakfast!

Sugary French Toast with organic Blueberries drizzled with manuka honey. Comes with a side of fresh milk and Cranberry Tart from the ever so famous bakery ChiaTe in Taiwan.

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