Friday, 24 August 2012

I'm back. Or am I?

After going MIA for about 2 weeks, I've decided to write a post again since work hasn't been the most exciting thing today and I'm about to snooze off if I don't do something.

Being an avid fan of food (especially sweet treats), I found myself browsing through a series of food blogs and dessert recipes for keepsake. 

So what makes a food blog appealing? Having always been a person who heavily relies on her sense of sight, the rule of thumb in every food blog should be this.

1. Have visually appealing pictures of your food

Sure, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But I'm certain that unless you don't want readers not patronizing the restaurant/cafe you went to (Either because the food's too darn good or bad), you would want your pictures to turn out good. Even if you don't like your vegetables and you hate the taste of tomato and cucumber in your burgers, just bear with it for a second or two to snap that one perfect shot. 

 Plus point? Shows you how well your photography skills are.

2. Words, fonts and colours do make a difference

With the invention of apps like Instagram, Snapseed and Phonto, you can easily transform your pictures from zero to hero. Even people with nada experience in photography can get this right, surely. Apps like Instagram have pre-sets for you to meddle around with. Phonto allows you to add text (and they provide awesome and unique fonts) to any picture you want. Btw, have I mentioned all these photos are from my iPhone? The beauty of technology.

3. Never. NEVER, take pictures with your in-built flash

I was at Bedok 85 one night and being a IG addict, just had to snap a photo of the BCM boyfriend and I ordered. From past experiences, I gathered that flash photography would almost never turn out good. But being the insistent person I was, took a photo. In the midst of the darkness a bright flash went off, the next table filled with guys stared at me and I told myself "It'll be worth it. It'll be worth it." And look what happened.

The second one was at Balzac, the french restaurant located at Hotel Renaissance. The food was spectacular, and so was the ambience. Filled with french and the more sophisticated, the restaurant was romantically candle-lit. And once my flash went off. Well.... The rest was historyy.

To put it simply, sometimes it's best not to take a photo if it's going to turn out bad. Sure, the presets in instagram and all the other apps I used helped make it look better. But I sure as hell am never going to resort to taking photos with a built-in flash.

Last but not least,

4. Use adjectives to bring your food to life

I love to read. Fictional, non-fictional, autobiographies. You name it I'd probably read it. (I mean if I managed to complete the entire first book of the fifty shades trilogy I can read just about anything now. Kidding!)

But when typing out a post for a food blog, try your best to use adjectives, verbs and a more detailed description of what you're blogging about. Would you rather read a long and boring post or a short but well put together one?

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