Thursday, 15 May 2014

Product review: (Original) Nail Envy by OPI

Hello beautifuls!

Recently my nails have been extra brittle and weak due to the numerous amounts of nail polish I've slapped on them for the past 2 months. I naturally have brittle nails, so with the added damage to my nails I was seeking for something that would help with the breakage and strengthening them whilst still looking glossy and presentable.

OPI Nail Envy 15ml - £9.90  

I was initially contemplating on getting Dr Lewinn's Renunail System. However the price tag forced me to search elsewhere. I ended up finding out about Nail Envy, it being a nail saver and strengthening brittle, weak nails.

The instructions are simple. Apply 2 coats the first time you use it followed by 1 coat every other day for a week. The texture is much like your regularly nail polish except a tad bit gloopier, however it glides on extremely well. Although I did forget to put them on once, the results were beyond my expectation.

 I've been using this product for a week and I can't be any happier. For the price I paid, this was worth it! My nails are far from brittle now, in fact they're so unbelievably hard that no matter how much I try to bend them (I should not be doing that) they refuse to budge.

For anyone looking for a solution to weak nails, this is your holy grail. I'm pretty sure they are better ones out there (but they would be twice/thrice the price) but as of now, I'm going to be sticking to this for a while.

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