Sunday, 18 May 2014

Product Review: 99p Foot Masks - Say Whut???

The driest (and ugliest) part of my body could possibly be my feet.

Ugh. Feet. I used to think I had pretty alright looking feet till I started binge running/muay thai-ing and this resulted in what one would call 'Ballerina feet'. I'm definitely not going to post a picture of my feet as I think I'd lose every single person who still has the interest to read my blog, but I'll try to describe it as grotesquely as I can.

I have dry, crackly feet. My heels have gotten dry from no care and I've obtained a few calluses which thankfully, don't hurt. However they do look extremely unsightly. I can pretty much say I'm safe from anyone who has a foot fetish -yay!-

Deep Moisturizing Foot Pack - 99p

I was browsing at a local beauty store around the city centre a few weeks ago when I came across these foot packs. They didn't look very eye-catching at first, but when I realised they were 99p I figured why not get them. (As you may have noticed, I buy a lot of things just because)

The instructions say to put the socks on your feet for about 20mins or so and thereafter remove them. I was about to go for a bath so I popped them on one day.

After about 10 mins or so, I started getting tingling sensations on my feet. I felt like little elves were in there working their magic! It felt surprisingly refreshing (I used the tea tree + peppermint one) and cooling.

I washed them off after about 25 mins and found that my feet were a tad smoother. Nothing fantastic, actually. But for 99p who can complain? They did make my feet feel really good, but I wouldn't say this is a product I'd buy again.

I'm still on the hunt for good foot masks, so if you guys happen to know of any good ones, do recommend by leaving a comment! I'd love to hear about them:)

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