Monday, 16 June 2014

LUSH Haul!

LUSH. I'm completely in love with Lush. The overwhelmingly sickly, sweet scent that hits you when you enter the shop, the friendly assistants who help you with everything and anything.

I have always been a big fan of lush's soap bars. Although the only con about them are that they are bars, they do permeate throughout the room the whole night and leaves a slight hint of that magnificent scent you used in the bathroom.

From left to right: Dream Cream Hand & Body Lotion, Aquatic Toothy Tabs, Catastrophe Cosmetic Face Mash,  Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water, Bath Bomb in Think Pink

Dream Cream Hand and Body Lotion, 240g - £11.50  

I'd rate this... 2.5/5

This was sadly, a disappointing product for me. I'm a huge believer in body lotions, and I use them religiously. However this body lotion left my body sticky and uncomfortable. I usually look out for lotions that get absorbed into the skin quickly, while leaving the skin smooth. This didn't do any good for my fidgety body (I need to move about a lot) and decided to swap this for another product the next day. 

Breath of Fresh Air Face Toner, 100g - £3.95

I'd rate this... 4/5

Apparently the most refreshing of all our toner waters, this toner is packed with mineral-rich carrageenan seaweed extract and rose absolute to tone and balance the skin. Described as 'This is perfect to use as a spritz in the summer to cool down, or any time of year when you want to feel refreshed', the rose absolute will help to reduce redness whilst patchouli oil is cooling and astringent on the skin.

I got this product after watching Jennim from clothesencounters mention about how she'd been in need of a new toner and bought this. I love how it comes in a little spray bottle, which makes it easy to bring around when I'm going to London and back. It works very much like the Avene spray bottle, which refreshes the skin and leaves it clean and radiant. 

Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask ,75g - £6.25 

I'd rate this... 4.5/5

If you haven't tried Lush's face mask, (and if there's anything to take away from this post), it is to get yourself a face mask. I have tried almost every single Lush face mask there is that is suitable for my skin and I LOVE it. Catastrophe Cosmetic calms, cleanses and moisturizes the skin, leaving it supple and smooth. Because Lush's face masks are made with the freshest ingredients, they only last for a maximum of 2 weeks. However, this mask can be used once every two days without dehydrating the skin -yay!- 

Aquatic Toothy Tabs, 12g - £2.50

I'd rate this... 2/5

Described as a solid alternative to toothpaste, toothy tabs is said to be filled with essential oils and spices for fresh breath and a sparkling smile. I have never used solid toothpaste before, so this was something new to me. Sadly, I didn't like this at all. The taste was odd and strangely bitter, the 'toothpaste' was difficult to spread throughout my mouth and it left a dull, flat aftertaste. My breath didn't feel any fresher and I was left disappointed with an odd smelling breath. Bummer.

Bath Bomb in Think Pink (Pictured above) - £2.50  

I'd rate this... 4.5/5

Ever since I realised my temp house had a bathtub, I went crazy buying bath bombs from Lush. I have tried a few of theirs and I've also come to love Think Pink. It has a sweet vanilla and tonka fragrance that fills the bathroom and at the end of it all, you'd be left with rice paper confetti hearts that slowly melt away as you sink your troubles away. It also has a hint of lavender that balances and relieves the mind.


So I hope you guys liked this post. Do leave a comment on what you love at Lush best or what you felt was a disappointment for you. I'd love to hear from you guys:)

Stay beautiful, x. 

I was not paid nor sponsored for this product review. The review was written entirely in my opinion.

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