Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Radiance Cleanse Co - 3 Day Juice Cleanse

Hello beautifuls:)

It has been a long time since I've last updated, and I apologize. School has been keeping me terribly busy and with exams coming up, stress is definitely piling up but I'm learning to cope better than I did before. Being in a new environment, especially in a new country, I definitely do feel a tad homesick from time to time but the company I have here keeps the sadness at bay.

However, today's main focus is on Radiance Cleanse Co. A company that has been established since 2009, they believe in creating the highest quality cold-pressed juices from fresh organic ingredients for their customers. I've been meaning to go on a juice cleanse as of late (You would not want to know how much junk food I've been consuming...) and after reading up more on them, decided to take a leap of faith and opted for a 3 day signature cleanse. I have done something similar to a juice cleanse, except I did that one with ingredients I bought from Cold Storage back in Singapore and it went pretty well.

The parcel arrived at the expected time given - between 7.30am to 10am. Neatly packaged in a cool bag, I had to lug what I think was about 3-4kg worth of juices to my apartment on the 4th floor. I was pleasantly surprised by a letter advising on what time to drink my juices, side effects and withdrawal symptoms and advise on what I should do if I feel hungry. I was excited to hop on my cleanse. Surely 3 days wouldn't be such a killer... 

I am a complete sucker for packaging. Look at how colourful these are! :)

The main gist of the cleanse is drinking 5 bottles of freshly pressed juices a day, at stated timings. You start of with Ginger Lemonade, followed by Clean Green, Cashew Milk for lunch, Root Boost and Vital Green for dinner. Your body adapts to the food you consume daily, and since I've been consuming very little greens in my diet, I was glad to know they had greens incorporated into these juices. 

#1 Ginger Lemonade

I gotta admit, I wasn't a fan of this at all. To begin with, I'm not a ginger person and the addition of black pepper and turmeric didn't help. I figured starting this in the morning is the best way to cleanse your system, and I was pretty sure I couldn't finish the whole bottle. Well, I did. Hopefully I'll adapt to it by tomorrow.

#2 Clean Green

I didn't manage to take a shot of this but you can refer to the picture above. This, surprisingly, I liked a lot. The natural sweetness from the apples really did the trick. By this time I wasn't starving, but something solid would have made me a little happier. I was getting a bit of a headache, a withdrawal symptom as described by Radiance Cleanse. 

#3 Cashew Milk

This was my third bottle for the day (not second, sorry!) that was pretty nice to consume. Not too sweet but not tasteless either. There's a chalky texture to the drink, but in a good way. I consumed this about an hour and a half after drinking the 2nd bottle because my mouth felt like it needed something to chew on. I contemplated eating some seeds and nuts but... Nah. I felt more like a double mcspicy with medium fries :(

#4 Root Boost

This was pretty good as well! I am a sweet tooth and I enjoyed how the mixture really blended well together. By this time, I watched as my boyfr slurped his noodles and thought to myself why I was torturing myself by doing this. I told myself to suck it up and that this was to benefit my health and get me back on track.

#5 Vital Green

As I'm typing this, I'm sipping on my last bottle for the day. It's approximately 9.30pm and I was suppose to have this much earlier but since I only managed to retrieve my parcel at 11am I had to push everything forward. I nearly fainted when I saw the word parsley on the bottle. Good God I thought I would have the hardest time swallowing this. But to my surprise it tasted rather delectable! Maybe it's because I haven't eaten anything that taste more than an apple or fruit, but I'm enjoying this as I'm blogging. Though I do wish I could have just one slice of bread.....


I do advise all of you on a juice cleanse to drink plenty of distilled water. It's essential that your body gets enough fluids during this period! Strenuous exercises are also a strict no no (Unless you order their Active Cleanse range), try to stick to yoga or light weight training. Soaking yourself in epsom salts will also help your body detox more, which is what I'm about to do soon:)

Well that's all for Day One. So far, I've survived! I do predict I'm going to have a hard time tomorrow but I'm pretty sure I'll pull through. I will update on how I feel by tomorrow night, so keep a lookout!


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