Thursday, 27 March 2014

Radiance Cleanse - Day #2

Day TWO of the Radiance Juice Cleanse

0830h - Woke up feeling refreshed and unusually awake. Had to slowly gulp juice #1 down which consisted of lemon, ginger and turmeric (which I might add it does not have any ingredient I fancy). But I knew it would be beneficial to start my day off and managed to finish it.

1130h - Time for the second juice! This time, I felt much better drinking something less sour and more sweet. I was still feeling pretty alright although I was in class and didn't feel the least bit lethargic.

1330h - By this time I was feeling a tad peckish for food but decided against it. Afterall, I am getting nutrition I need from the juices!

1400h - Decided to slurp my 3rd juice - Cashew Milk. Definitely a change in taste. For those not accustomed to coconut or cashew blended into a juice, a chalky aftertaste is something you might experience. However I'm an avid fan of almond milk and really enjoyed #3. As it included ingredients like coconut butter, it got me pretty full by the time I was done with it.

1700h - Okay, I admit I was feeling just the slightest bit hungry. I was craving for (surprisingly) very healthy foods such as salad and soup. I didn't have any cravings for my one and only love (chocolate) but felt a tad incline to have a bagel from the stack that was lying around at home... I decided to boil an egg to keep me going. Decided to drink #4 around 1800h.

1900h - By this time, I was pretty full. But I wasn't full in the sense that I didn't want to eat anymore. It was more along the lines of I could really use some solid food right about now. And day 3 sounds like it's going to be hell. I headed out to study to keep my mind preoccupied from all the sorts of food I could eat... But water helped to ease the "hunger" and kept me going to the toilet. Way too often.

2000h - #5! I drank about half a bottle as I was feeling bloated from so much liquids. I was feeling pretty lethargic and wanted to sleep but I had some work to get done so I decided to stay awake instead.

0000h - Home sweet home. I decided to boil another egg to keep the hunger pangs at bay and headed off to bed.


Well that's it for Day #2. In general I was feeling pretty okay for someone on a juice diet. The juices got pretty sweet toward the last few bottles, so I decided to dilute them with a little bit of water and that made it much better. The end sounds so close, yet, so far...


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