Thursday, 25 July 2013

Review: Dimsum at Mouth Restaurant

The other day, J and I decided to satisfy our dim sum craving by heading to Mouth Restaurant at China Square for lunch. And even better news was there was no queue even on a Sunday afternoon! In hindsight I don't know if that was a good sign or not.

Anyway I didn't manage to take a photos of the interior of the place but think oriental, traditional chinese rosewood for furniture with specks of red splashed on some walls and yellow lights enclosing the restaurant.

Baked Liu Sha Bao ($5++ for 3)

Our first dish to arrive was the baked liu sha bao. Having heard quite a lot on this, we decided to try the baked version instead of the usual steamed ones. However it fell a little short of our expectations. The custard was too oily. Bite into it and you can sort of feel the oil surrounding your lips and dripping down your chin. Although the crust was baked to optimum sweetness and crispiness. 

Shrimp Cheong Fun

The cheong fun wasn't fantastic, but wasn't bad either. They were rather generous with the shrimp, although the skin could have been thinner.

Spinach with Crab Meat Soup ($6++)

Now this is a dish subject to ones' palate. J pretty much enjoyed it but I felt it was lacking in the flavour department. 

6 Flavoured Har Kau in XO Sauce ($9.80 for 6)

Promising 6 different flavours, we felt the har kau was subpar. We couldn't really taste each individual flavour instead only commenting that it "Just tastes like har kau lor" 

The skin was just a tad thick and gloopy but they did add in the various ingredients for each different har kau (Pumping har kau has pumpkin in it and the spinach har kau had a leaf of spinach! How cute)

Squid Ink Char Siew Bao

I was pretty excited for this. I've been a huge fan of char siew bao since I was a kid so imagine my excitement when I saw squid ink char siew bao! Although the squid ink really is just a name and nothing more (You can't taste any squid ink), the fluffiness and moistness of the skin was a delight to peel and savor. The dish was piping hot when it arrived, but it was generously filled with char siew and certainly was one of the better ones we have had.


Will I go back? Probably... Not. There are several other dim sum places that I have been to that are much more promising than Mouth Restaurant, however the service was excellent. The staff was attentive and keen on explaining what the different dishes were along with their best sellers.


Mouth Restaurant
22 Cross Street
Tel: 6534 4233

Food: ♡♡♡
Ambience: ♡♡ 
Service: ♡♡♡
Overall: ♡♡♡ 1/2

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