Saturday, 18 May 2013

Media Invite: Sunsilk Pop-Up Salon Event

Hello beautifuls!

This weekend I was invited to Sunsilk's Pop-Up Salon Event @ Cathay Cineleisure. And being my very first media invite, I was mighty excited to head down to see what was in store. 

Such pretty macarons + Portuguese egg tarts. Have I mentioned they were from Canele? -does a happy dance-

Childhood favourites! Who loves these too? I used to eat the sugary tip off first followed by the biscuit. Good ole times.

And tea from Lipton! #tealover4life

I managed to bring a +1 with me and who else to bring other than my oldest friend whom I've known for close to 10 years?

And Shawn, the dude with the funky hairstyle doing his thang.

We started with a mini sharing session in which we were given advice from the beauty gurus to the bloggers at the event. It was really interesting cos we found out a ton of things we never knew. Did you know that by applying conditioner to your damaged hair first it actually helps in repairing it instead of vice versa? Also, applying a small amount of product to your hair is all that you will need cos the more product you apply the limpier your hair becomes!

Sunsilk offers a HUGE range of hair products for Asians. They have products aimed at people who have straight hair, want smooth & manageable hair or nourishing, soft & smooth! It's especially great for people like me who have permed hair and don't take the best of care :x

The gorgeous Georgina having her hair done!

So we were given several options to have our hair styled by the lovely hair stylists in the pop up booth. And being a very safe person I decided with curls (Plus my curls needed a lift)

Tadaaaaa! I decided on asking the hair stylist to give my hair a lil more oomph cos it was feeling a lil under the weather today and she did!

 Couldn't be more thankful to Esther cos she was soooo gentle with my hair I felt like a princess.

What I really loved about Sunsilk's products were their scents. I'm a sucker for scents and having a signature scent is important to me. When Esther applied the products onto my hair I was slapped with so many scents I was a tad overwhelmed.

I was quite afraid they would clash and I'd leave smelling like a bouquet of dying flowers but surprisingly I didn't! The scent grew on me after a while and I'm very very proud to say my curls stayed on the WHOLE day. Nobody knows how stubborn my hair can be, and my hair did not become limpy nor did it become sticky. Considering the erratic weather in SG I was glad it managed to stay gorgeous all day.

What girls would do best. Hahahahha.

A very unglam shot but candid shots are the best... No?

Miss Cherie advert #fail x 100

I met a new blogger too! The extremely petite and friendly Debbie (@winddyychoco on IG). She was such a sweet girl :D

And Sunsilk was oh so generous as to give us a HUGE bundle of goodies worth $100+! 

Thanks to Sunsilk for having me at the event. I had such a lovely time this weekend and rest assured, you have a new found fan:D


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