Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Review: Thai Express

One evening, J and I were thinking about where to settle for dinner. Craving for Thai, we decided to head to Thai Express after hearing they had revamped their menu.

We went to the outlet at Siglap and when we reached at 9.20pm, the restaurant was rather empty except for 1-2 families enjoying dinner. We were seated quickly and browsed through the menu.

I was quite surprised with the new additions to the menu. Thai laksa, Thai Curry Kaeng Sen and Rice Khao were some of the few mains that have been revamped. They had mouth watering sides like Kanom Pang Na Kung (Prawn Toast) and Peek Gai Yud Sai (Thai Stuffed Chicken Wing) on the menu too.

After deciding we shouldn't over-indulge, we decided to go with the 'chef recommended' dishes (which has an orange elephant indicated next to it!):

Sen Lek Neua
Sitck noodle with sliced beef in beef broth

This was surprisingly good. We figured this was a make-it-or-break-it dish as the broth itself is a rather complex base that requires time to brew. The beef slices were tender and the broth flavourful. Best part was even after a few hours I didn't feel the need to gulp down a jugful of water, which means there was little MSG!


Massamman Curry (Served w Thai Style Pancake)
Massamman chicken curry with thai style pancake

If you love your curry sweet, this is the main for you. Being a fan of prata and curry, this dish hit the spot for me. The thai style prata was nicely fried, leaving the sides crispy with just the right amount of oil. The curry was sweet with a hint of coconut milk, blending the sauce together. The chicken was tender, albeit little. One negative feedback was that the curry was rather cold when it was served but I was too hungry to ask them to reheat the dish up so my poor boyfriend had to eat room temperature curry, which I'm quite sure he didn't really enjoy :p We waited about 20mins for this dish too, which would explain why the curry was cold when served. Perhaps they were prepping the prata?


Overall, I wouldn't say Thai Express is the place to come to to get your authentic thai food fix. There are several other smaller joints that serve affordable authentic thai food. However if you want a taste of how Singapore Thai food would be like, Thai Express won't disappoint. I'd very much like to head back to try their pad thai and pineapple rice but for now I'm sticking to these :)

Food: ♡♡♡ 1/2
Ambience: ♡♡♡♡
Service: ♡♡ (They were rather slow, albeit polite)
Overall: ♡♡♡ 1/2

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