Monday, 2 November 2015

[Review] Alyssum Cafe Bistro

There's something I love about weekends - Being able to sleep in, enjoying a nice cuppa whilst browsing the news, and watching the world go by through your bedroom window. But I've decided that I'm going to make the most of my weekends by attempting to visit a new cafe every weekend. 

Fellow foodie and I were cafe-browsing online (in between rushing for our essay and doing our revisions) when he found a quaint cafe nestled along Crookesmore Road. And we decided to pay a visit. And it turned out to be wonderful.

Alyssum Cafe Bistro was opened earlier in the year by a mother-daughter duo (how sweet!) and serves Greek inspired dishes, a much healthier alternative to the usual pub food you find in Sheffield. 

Although the place may be rather small - about 4 tables at most, the ambience was nothing but relaxing and homey. 

The menu at Alyssum - A selection of sweet and savory foods for both the sweet tooth and the (not so) sweet tooth

Handmade namecards - I'd give this A for effort!
Almond Flat White (£2.60), Flat White (£2.30)

The first to arrive were our drinks. Being a coffee addict (I blame law school), I ordered the almond flat white. I've always been more keen on trying coffee with different kinds of milk, and when I do find coffee joints that serve almond milk, you can be certain I'll order it. 

I do have to admit, the regular flat white fared much better than the former. I have read that any plant milk does spoil the consistency of the coffee, so I don't blame them one bit. The regular flat white was creamy and smooth, with 2 shots of espresso inside (!!) It did get me buzzing with excitement a little while after, but that's how you know your coffee's good.

Clockwise from left: Smashed avocado toast & poached eggs with pesto, a squeeze of lemon and halloumi (£5.90), Fluffy pancakes with caramelised cinnamon fruit and honey (£4.80), Smoked salmon eggs benedict (£5.90)

One of the few things I love about Alyssum are their portion sizes. It's not too big, but not too small where you'd get hungry after an hour or so. We ordered a side of fluffy pancakes to share (because why not) and they were pretty darn awesome. The pancakes were indeed fluffy and minimally sweet, with the caramelised apples coated in cinnamon almost heaven-like. I reckon I would have eaten about 6 of these aka the whole plate if I didn't order my toast.

Smashed avocado toast & poached eggs with pesto, a squeeze of lemon and halloumi (£5.90)

Avocado + eggs? Almost always a no-fail combination. I've only tried halloumi once before this and I didn't really fancy the taste nor texture. But I decided to give it a try once more and was pleasantly surprised by how it complemented the entire dish. The eggs were perfectly poached too.  

Smoked salmon eggs benedict (£5.90)

I didn't get to try much of the smoked salmon eggs benedict, but I believe Foodie friend didn't enjoy the sourness of the hollandaise. I did snitch some of the hollandaise sauce and agreed that while it is a little on the sour side, I personally enjoyed how it had a different taste from the regular hollandaise sauce you find. It didn't seem at all creamy either.


Will I be back again? Most definitely. It makes my tummy extremely glad there are places like these around that make the journey worth travelling to. The owner was terribly sweet and even asked if the food was good! If there's anything better than good food, it's good service.

If you're ever in the area, do give Alyssum Cafe a try. I'm sure you won't regret it.

Alyssum Cafe Bistro
76 Barber Road, S10 1EE, Sheffield
Monday - Friday 0830 - 1700h
Saturday - Sunday 0930 - 1700h
You can find them on Facebook here

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