Saturday, 27 July 2013

Review: The Living Cafe

This afternoon, my mom suggested heading to a vegan place for lunch. Being an avid fan of meat, I wasn't very excited but thought to myself... YOLO.

The Living Cafe located along Upp Bukit Timah serves vegan food for people from all walks of life. TLC constantly strives to create genuinely healthy food & drinks that are tasty and suitable for even non-vegans or first timers. 

The waitresses were extremely friendly! I was a little taken aback as when I was there the previous time the male waiter looked disinterested and tired. All smiles & eager to help, the lady was extremely patient when we kept asking about the different dishes. I was pleased to know they actually served meat & fish, so it wasn't a fully vegan cafe afterall. Great news!:) My inner carnivore unleashed itself, eagerly flipping through the menu to satisfy my palate. 

Chicken Supreme Burger ($16)

I decided to go with the Chicken Supreme w a side of sweet potato wedges & coleslaw. The chicken burger, as described in the menu is a marinated chicken patty with tomato, lettuce & pineapple with wasabi aioli on a multigrain bun. If you wish to cut down on your carbs, you can opt for lettuce instead of the multigrain bun, though I think it would be a pity passing up on home baked goods;) 

The chicken patty, albeit dry, was saved by the creamy wasabi aioli that fused the burger together. I'm not sure how fattening the aioli was but I'm pretty sure without the aioli it would have tasted subpar & is thus, forgivable. The bun was lightly toasted and had a lovely fluffy texture. I requested for no tomato but sadly the waitress forgot to jot it down. The coleslaw is different from your regular mayonnaise filled coleslaw. Instead they used red cabbage infused with a touch of tangy sauce. It wasn't very to my liking but definitely a healthier option. The potato wedges were, well, sweet potato wedges. Lightly seasoned with herbs and spices I felt it could be better seasoned. Nonetheless it felt good having baked sweet potatoes instead of your usual deep fried ones. 

Grilled Chicken Brown Rice Bowl with Pesto Sauce ($15)

My mom ordered the grilled chicken brown rice bowl with pesto sauce. It comes with shredded lettuce, a medley of vegetables, avocado and lime. Using chicken breast seasoned with a mixture of herbs, it complemented the sauce and the brown rice well. The rice was cooked to perfection & was surprisingly good! This is something I would get if I wanted something hearty and filling. 

Iced Coffee Cappuccino ($5)

We also ordered a glass of iced coffee cappuccino. When requested for sugar, they mentioned they only had gula melaka as they didn't believe in refined sugars and no agave as it is high in GI. I was pretty impressed that they do practice what they preach. Finally! A cafe that actually promises its patrons genuine foods. And surprisingly it went pretty well with the coffee. I'm not a big fan of coffee but my mom found the cocoa beans good.

Raw Chocolate Ganache Tart ($8.50)

We decided on the chocolate ganache tart for dessert. Sweetened with honey and made with coconut and other natural ingredients, it felt like I was feasting on a regular chocolate tart! The 'crust' is made of shredded coconut and moulded into its shape, while the ganache is made from a variety of other healthy ingredients (which I've forgotten whoops!) I would recommend sharing this though. It got too sweet toward the end and I sadly had to leave a portion behind:(

The bill came to $42+ for 2 people. It's definitely not the most affordable place but for the quality of food coming out from the kitchen, it is worth what it is. Feed your body good food & your health will thank you!

Overall TLC is a cafe I wouldn't mind revisiting just to relax with friends or if I ever wanted to detox. They offer a variety of classes like yoga & detox classes for those interested. So do give it a try one day! It's a little out of the way but it's worth a go.


The Living Cafe
779 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 269758 (Before 6th Ave)
Tel: +65 6762 8029


Food: ♡♡♡♡
Ambience: ♡♡♡♡
Service: ♡♡♡♡
Overall: ♡♡♡♡ 1/2

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