Thursday, 20 December 2012


Hello beautiful people of the earth!

Since the weather's (surprisingly) good today, my iphone served me extremely well. Decided to head to Kim Choo for lunch with my mom and here's a little review on it:

Kim Choo. A famous place for peranakans to have their dinners. Speak of nonya dumplings, ondeh ondeh and other Peranakan delights and they'll direct you to a shop opposite I12 Katong, along a row of shophouses.

A very traditional joint, Kim Choo serves one of the better dishes around. The first time I went, we ordered Beef Rendang, Nonya Chap Chye, XO Dumpling and Buah Keluak. A gentle reminder that the small portions are juuuust nice for 2, so don't go over ordering all your dishes! Prices range from $8-12 for small dishes.

However this time, we ordered Ngoh Hiang, Beef Stew and Nonya Chap Chye (Again cos it's really good!) The beef stew was much of a let down, the broth was a tad bit too salty albeit the very soft and tender beef. The ngoh hiang was so-so. Not fantastic but not bad either. The chap chye, however, remained at its top notch standard. 

My mom didn't fancy the XO dumpling and neither did I. It was a little too dry in my opinion and it lacked flavour. I only insisted on trying the nonya dumpling cos of its rave reviews. Perhaps I ordered the wrong one...

All in all, I'd still come back for the beef rendang and chap chye. It's a little inconvenient if you don't live in the East but hey, where good food is I'm willing to travel.

Kim Choo
111 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428801
Opening hours 10:00 am–10:00 pm
6741 2125

Donned in pink today! In all honesty I don't fancy pink much but the colour suits me quite a bit. -_- Anywho I managed to paint my nails in time for Xmas, and if you guys are ever looking for a good top coat I'd recommend Seche Vite's Top Fast Dry Coat. You guys can grab down at the Scape* Underground mall which goes for $10 a bottle. Trust me when I say it's the best kind of top coat around worth its money. Here's a pic of how it looks like:

#ootd for today:
Off-Shoulder top in hot pink, Taiwan
Floral HW Shorts, Zara
Armcandy, Cotton On + Pandora

From left to right:
London Tweed Moto Jacket, Cable Knit Pullover in Persimmon and Grey from
Make-up from Sephora (Details below)
Mottled Multi Print Cami from Topshop

And we went crazy shopping today. If you guys aren't into beauty products don't continue reading but if you are, read away! (Or read even if you don't like beauty products :p)

After hearing many rave reviews about Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF15 Balm, I decided to head down to Sephora to check them out myself. I think I've found my holy grail. THE most moisturizing lip balm I've ever tried, this product stayed on with me for hours on end when I tried it on before purchasing it a few days before. It promises to hydrate and protect your lips. And trust me it does. It's a little more on the 'oily' side but I can assure you it's the kind you'd want on your lips for that everlasting shine (And not the "eh how come you've excess oil on your lips? From the fried chicken ah?" kind of shine) 

However beauty comes with a price. Retailing at SGD29 from Sephora, I'm pretty sure you can get these stuff cheaper online.

Because my mom swears by this product, she decided to get me one too. I'm not sure about you guys but I have the hardest time trying to keep my eyeliner put during the day (Perhaps due to oily lids or the fact that I always only line my inner section of my eyes). I've tried practically everything. From maybelline, to ZA, to japanese brands, to Chanel.. Nothing works :( However when I tried my mom's one a few weeks back it managed to stay put till the end of the day! It'll cost you about SGD35 but I would say it's worth the splurge. Does anyone else have any recommendations? I'm welcome to them! :D

Oh, did I mention I really really really love tinted lip balms? The lady at the counter said this was Dior's best seller (in terms of lips) and I decided to give it a go. A tinted lip balm which gives you the prettiest shade of rose pink, it promises to hydrate your lips and give it a soft tint. It's not bad a product, but I would purchase this only if my lips weren't cracked and dry. Certainly not for hydration but for the fact that it looks so damn good on anyone's lips. Retails at SGD44 from Sephora.

Alright I'm off for a good session at the gym. Till then, stay gorgeous!


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