Tuesday, 4 December 2012


I've been quite MIA recently... Here're a few pictures to make up for the time lost here:

Best burger I'll ever have. From a makeshift van outside the Student Union in England, done on the spot and served hot.

Horses @ Chatsworth trotting back & forth. So cutezzzz.

Interior of the house. People here really take pride in their homes, especially the rich.

Told myself I'd try PJ Taste over here. The healthiest meal I had the whole time, the best thing about this was the egg in that little plastic cup on the left.

When it comes to cupcakes, England has the best ones. Singapore's cupcakes are nothing compared to the ones here. Rich, flavourful, moist... And huge.

The SGD7 hotdog that tasted nothing like it looked. Still feeling extremely cheated :<

And of course.. KRISPY KREME!!!

Tried a cupcake from this place called Francie. Holy shitballz this was good stuff.

Duck egg vs chicken egg

Church turned into a drama studio. Buildings here have so much history.

The infamous postbox.

For now, ciaozzzzz.

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