Thursday, 7 June 2012

Sumo Salad: They truly live up to their name, Sumo.

Hello again you greedy pigs! This time I shall do a review on something I had a few days back whilst catching up with a long time girlfriend of mine, N.

Grilled Chicken Cesar (Can't rmbr the exact price but it was around $9+ for a large)
So N ordered this after we both stood in front of the counter looking at the hugeass menu of too many combinations. I never got to try it but she did comment on it lacking seasoning (Well it is a salad...) :D Their portions were pretty alright though, and 1 large salad bowl would be perfect for 1 greedy pig.

Left: Smoked Salmon Wrap ($3.90 for half)
Right: Pumpkin & Pinenut Wrap ($3.90 for half)

Because they only had half a pumpkin & pinenut wrap left, I decided to order a smoked salmon wrap too. I regretted ordering the smoked salmon though. It was bland, had wayyyy too much vege in my opinion (I love healthy food but not to the extent of tasting the bitterness of the spinach, if I'm not mistaken, with every bite) and there was barely any salmon in the wrap :( Judge for yourselves from the above picture.

BUT the saving grace of the day was the pumpkin & pinenut wrap. It was heaaaaaavenly. The whole combination of pumpkin, nuts and feta cheese would explode in your mouth each time you bit into it and you'd never think this would be something healthy. Although the dressing on this was very little too, it did make me feel a wee bit healthier cos I normally love my salad w lots of dressing thus defeating the whole purpose of a salad...

To sum it all up, I'd rather have Salad Stop any time of the day. Even though they don't provide nutritional info anywhere (And I find that just a wee bit strange cos I know people have been asking but they refuse to disclose it), Sumo Salad left me wanting more of the pumpkin & pinenut. For $3.90 this was really affordable too. I was full after both the wraps and it only cost me $7.80 instead of the usual $9/10 I would pay for salads.

Sumo Salad
  • Raffles City Shopping Centre #B1-72 (10am - 10pm)
  • 1 Shenton Way #01-05 (Weekdays 9am - 8pm, Saturday 9am - 5pm)
  • 313@Somerset #B3-52 (10am to 10pm)
  • Holland Village MRT Station Xchange #B1-11 (10am to 9pm)


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