Friday, 8 June 2012

The Salad Shop: Lunch for One

So I just got back from lunch about an hour ago and I've a bit of time to kill before work starts so I decided to blog about a new salad place I gave a try.

Now, I've always told people that if ever I see grown men willing to pay for salads or even wait for a seat at a salad eatery, you know you've found yourself a good place. I reached The Salad Shop about 12.15pm in hopes that it wouldn't be too crowded although it was the time millions of office people would dart for lunch. It wasn't too crowded though. There were a few pockets of seats left although this place isn't space friendly at all.

So after looking at the order form I decided to go with Elephant. Their salads come in three sizes – rabbit, zebra ($10) and elephant ($12) size. This isn't to be confused with how big the salads are though.

The "rabbit" size would consist of a base (which vegetable you'd like) and 4 main feeds (among many are alfalfa, kidney beans, sweet corn, mushrooms etc). The "zebra" would consist of a base, 4 main feeds and 2 supplementary feeds (like avocado, cranberries, chicken etc) & the "Elephant" would consist of a base, 4 main feeds, 2 supplementary feeds and 1 prime (smoked salmon etc)

So because I was in quite a hurry as I needed to bank in a cheque later on, I ordered an elephant without realising I didn't order any supplementary at all... It wasn't till I paid that I realised I was paying $11 instead of $12. Genius. Nonetheless I didn't really mind as I was eyeing on the prime (smoked salmon) rather than the supplementary condiments. Not to say that the supplementary condiments aren't go but they are called supplementary for a reason no? :)

Service was fast & efficient. All you have to do is pass your order form to the crew and thereafter head to the cashier to make payment. About 5 minutes later, lunch was served! And boy was I hungry. (Since when am I not?)

I ordered the elephant size & got baby spinach, topped with broccoli, alfalfa, sweet corn, pumpkin, feta cheese, capers topped with smoked salmon and red wine vinegarette.

Now everyone knows how well smoked salmon goes w capers and how brilliant a combination pumpkin & feta cheese is. So I mashed those 2 together to form a smorgasbord of flavour. The entire salad was satisfying and packed a punch. The red wine vinegarette was especially good with this combination too. It wasn't too sour and the pumpkin helped to ease out the flavour together with the feta cheese. Their portions were pretty decent too. Not as big as salad stop's but certainly enough for one.

Halfway through the meal though the queue got much longer than expected. This was at 12.30pm when i noticed people queueing up to submit their order forms, make payment or even find a seat.

All in all, I can say I'm a happy camper here. Compared to other salad eateries like Sumo Salad or Salad Stop, The Salad Shop has beat Salad Stop in my opinion. Now if only I worked in the CBD area..


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