Thursday, 17 July 2014

Food Review: Tamper Coffee at Seller's Wheel

Hi guys!

I know I'm meant to be posting more reviews on food, but I haven't had the chance to try any new places out around my area. However I finally tried a new (not so new) cafe in Sheffield, UK, called Tamper Coffee. If any of you live in Sheffield, you'll love this quaint little cafe.

Tamper Coffee has 2 locations - One at Westfield Terrace and another bigger outlet at Arundel Street. The Arundel Street outlet serves a wider variety of food, offering brunch and lunch menus. 

The interior is almost industrial-like, red brick walls surround the area with wooden tables and chairs. It gives off a really chill vibe, with people sipping a cuppa and typing away furiously on their laptops.

They even have an outdoor area! It was too sunny so we decided to hide in the comfort of shade (aka inside)

Brunch is served from 8am - 12pm (Isn't brunch suppose to be from 11-2ish?) on weekdays. Anywho, the menu is relatively small, which I normally prefer as it helps me decide 10x faster than usual. I opted for the usual eggs benny with a side of chorizo. Mr Handsome was feeling exceptionally sweet-toothed and got the french toast.

Vanilla Milkshake - Left (3.50)
Iced Latte with Almond Milk - Right (2.80)

I'm a sucker for anything old school/vintage. I loved the jars they served the drinks in, and would you look at at that candy cane of a straw? It wasn't the most practical (it was made of paper), but I love the innovation. Props for that.

French Toast (6.50)
Egg dipped brioche, caramelised banana and coffee infused maple syrup with crispy bacon

Wasn't out of this world great, but I love how the bacon complements the dish. It was sweet yet crispy, and I'm not usually a fan of bacon. The brioche was fresh and is always a great bread to use for french toast! However, the bananas lacked sweetness and it lacked a certain 'awesome-ness' to it.

Eggs Benedict (7)
2 poached eggs, herbed potato hash brown, toasted muffin, buttered spinach and fresh hollandaise
with added chorizo (+1.50)

Okay, I expected nothing from the usual eggs benny. Of course one would expect the ever so famous runny egg, beautifully done hollandaise sauce, and a toasted muffin. But I really liked this version Tamper did by adding a herbed potato hash brown into the mix! The hollandaise sauce was pretty damn well done, and the egg was, tick, perfectly poached. Thumbs up:)


Overall, I love the vibe over at Tamper Coffee. It's chill, the servers are friendly and the place is brimming with locals (always ideal). If you ever pop by Sheffield, give this a try.

Tamper Coffee Seller's Wheel
149 Arundel Street

Mon-Fri 8.00 am – 5pm
Sat 9am – 6pm
Sunday 10am – 5pm


Stay beautiful, x. 

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