Monday, 8 September 2014

August '14 Favourites

I've been so busy eating my way through Singapore that I've abandoned this platform of mine.

So to compensate, I'm here to let you in on some amazing things I've found (and used to its death) in August!

#1. L'oreal Hydra Fresh Supreme Emulsion

Before leaving for Singapore, my face was in its worst condition. My cheeks and sides of my lips were as dry as the desert, causing patches of my skin to become red and flaky. I was searching for a miracle and was recommended the L'oreal Emulsion. I couldn't find this back in UK so I purchased this in Singapore. I love how moisturizing this is without over-hydrating my face. There's a faint scent that dissipates after a while and while it does not absorb fairly well on the skin, does help with dry skin. I would suggest putting this on only at night. Other than that, I would repurchase this again.

#2. Biore Cleansing Oil-in-Cotton Wipes

Since I'm only back for the summer holidays, I was on the hunt for a good cleansing wipe that would last temporarily, instead of purchasing a full sized bottle of makeup remover. I used to use these last year but forgot about them till I came back. They are easy, fast, and rids of all makeup in about a minute. It even removes my mascara (with careful wiping of course) and leaves my face fresh and definitely not oily/sticky. My go-to this month for daily use!

#3. La Roche-Posay Ultra-light Sunscreen with SPF 50+

I have always had the habit of applying sunscreen, even during winter. Having finished my Shisedo sunscreen, I was looking around in Boots when I saw that La Roche-Posay was on sale. I grabbed a bottle not expecting much but WOW does this sunscreen work magic! It leaves a glowy finish on your face, and on top of that absorbs into the skin within 10 seconds. There's not much of a sunscreen smell and I've been using this everyday since I purchased it.

#4. 3 Concept Eyes Face Glow in #MONACO

I've been a loyal fan of YSL's touche eclat. But recently I've shifted my preference of makeup products to Asian brands. One of the things I got from my 3CE haul was the Face Glow (Brightener) in Monaco. I'm absolutely in love with how this product brightens my face. It does an even better job than the YSL, although this does include a slight bit of shimmer (which never hurt anyone).

#5. Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Care Mascara

I never really see the point in purchasing over-priced mascara (unless they are serums to lengthen your lashes). I chanced upon this and gave it a whirl. I love how these never clump my lashes and do elongate and define them. For something under 10 pounds, I really cannot complain.

#6. Lush A Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water

My 13 hour flight from London found me sleepless, bored and dehydrated. In search of a spritz bottle, I was in Lush and found this. I'm not too sure whether it's God given, but I really adore this product. It's settles on the face well, and leaves it smooth and clean. I also love how I can spray the product on my face, much like a face mist. 


So there you have it, my favourites this August! Feel free to leave a comment on what you have found and love.

Stay beautiful, x.

I was not paid nor sponsored for this product review. The review was written entirely in my opinion.

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