Thursday, 30 April 2015

Review: Étude House - Wonder Pore Freshner

Prior to heading back to the UK for the start of my second semester, I was stocking up on several asian skincare products. Even though the majority of the skincare products I used were more to westernised brands (Kiehl's, L'oreal etc), I have noticed how certain Korean skincare products work just as well, if not better at a fraction of the price. I was onto my last bit of Lush's toner and after browsing through the Etude House store in Singapore's Wisma Atria, I found the Wonder Pore Freshner by Etude House (500ml). More commonly known as a toner, the product is meant to balance pH levels, ease skin troubles caused by pH imbalance and cleans the inside and outside of your pores with its special peppermint extract. It is a 10-in-1 Solution that promises deep cleansing, sebum control, tightening of pores and leaves the face feeling refreshed and prepped for both day and night. 

I've been using this for the past 2-3 months and although I don't exactly see drastic results with the condition of my skin, it has helped in keeping my face clean and fresh. One aesthetic thing I love about this product is the pump of the bottle. Instead of tipping the bottle over to dispense the product you simply pump once or twice onto a cotton pad (which is provided when you purchase the bigger bottle like I have) and gently massage into your face. 

Would I repurchase? Most likely. I like how it feels on my face after cleansing, and the pump is an added bonus for a person like myself who prefers a pump. I'd recommend using this with the Etude House Wonder Pore White Clay Clear mask to reap the most out of this product. I do have this here with me but I haven't gotten around to using it simply because I'm too busy using my Lush pots up :p

You can find the Etude House Wonder Pore Freshener online here in Singapore and here if you're overseas.


 I was not paid nor sponsored for this product review. The review was written entirely in my opinion.

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