Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Review: Surf Spray by Bumble & Bumble

Hi guys!

I'm back with yet another review on a new product. This time it concerns every girl out there- hair!

For 3 years, I had curls thanks to the wonders of a perm but decided to cut them off due to the ends of my hair being too damaged resulting in split and dry ends. So I snipped them off to right above boob level (even though I permed them the week before) and have had half curly-half straight hair ever since. 

I came upon this product while watching Clothesencounter's monthly favourites and being an avid fan of her (and her gorgeous hair) acted upon impulse and got it. 

It didn't come cheap. A 125ml bottle set me back £23 (SGD46) and I believe it would be wayyyy cheaper in the US. But it does give your hair the effect you want it- sexy beach waves that actually stay throughout the day. Maybe it's the weather that makes the effect stay on my hair a little longer than if I was in Singapore but it did make a difference in the volume. 

Delivers what it promises though it would be better for people with permed hair
Cute packaging (!)
Doesn't leave any sticky gel like residue

A tad pricey
Too much might weigh your hair down

I usually spritz about 3-4 times onto various parts of my hair and scrunch them up for a more voluminous effect. It works well with semi-wet or dry hair so you won't have to worry about putting it on right after you get out of the shower the night before. Though I might try that one day and bun it up to see if it makes any difference...

I'll update you guys on whether I see a difference!

Effectiveness: 3/5
Price: 3/5 (£23/125ml bottle)
Best for: Already permed hair 
Repurchase?: Maybe, if I had properly permed hair again

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